Patient Testimonials

What our patients say about us

Dr Mandala started treating me for severe panic attacks after some difficult life events. Her kind heart and professional knowledge helped pull me out of an impossible place. She helped me with a holistic approach, including a diet change, supplements, exercise, temporary medication and amazing emotional support through my care. I highly recommend her.

Jen S.


Dr. Yu is absolutely amazing. I went through two rheumatologists and a fancy primary care clinic before finding Dr. Yu. I have rheumatoid arthritis and Dr. Yu’s protocols are a mix of traditional medicine and integrative health, which is exactly what I was looking for. I was struggling to find someone who cared about the holistic-health approach, and Dr. Yu ended up being the perfect fit! You can tell he cares about his patients and is incredibly knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Yu to anyone looking for a kind, friendly doctor who also offers great telehealth appointments!

Amy S.


Dr Mondala has helped me greatly with my condition so far. She is very knowledgeable about medicine, but also listens to concerns and questions. She treats you with both competence and empathy. I highly recommend Dr Mondala, she is the best!

Matt B.


I’m glad I met Dr. Yu.

I’m a 31-year-old woman, mom of two little ones, and I was very scared with the possibility of having an autoimmune disease. Dr. Yu was knowledgeable and very caring. He took his time to talk and listen to me. He gave me a final diagnosis and went through the treatment options and has been guiding me to a path of wellness with a lifestyle approach, which has been amazing.
He makes you feel comfortable, which is an a great thing for doctors nowadays. He was never in a hurry. And, whenever I needed his help for extra questions and guidance, he was super helpful through e-mail. Very easy to communicate with.
Thank you Dr. Yu. I’m on my way to full remission 🙂

Ellie F.


Dr. Mondala helped my son and myself navigate the CoVid years successfully, even after we contracted the virus. She helped us feel well within one day, but more importantly has always treated our whole person. In addition to any obvious medical needs, she also focused on our mental health, nutrition, and daily habits to make sure we were the healthiest version of ourselves we could be. She has such a sweet, kind, understanding demeanor that we have always found her easy to talk to. She’s knowledgable in many areas, and even helped improve our diet and exercise routines in a realistic way for us that wasn’t intimidating to incorporate.

Regina P.


Dr. Yu is an incredible board certified rheumatologist who combines traditional and integrative medicine. He employs a variety of tests, suggests supplements, and utilizes evidence-based medicine to help you reach your healthiest state. I have recalcitrant rheumatoid arthritis and a myriad of other autoimmune issues. After being under his medical care, I already see improvement after a few months. Treating the root causes of autoimmune issues is key. He is patient, caring, inquisitive, and passionate about his work. He works within a community of like minded physicians, and I feel extremely confident working with Dr. Yu’s high caliber of care.

Evelyne V.


Dr Melissa is a caring and thorough young doctor who is making a difference in my life, health, and overall outlook on my longevity.

So far after 1 month I have lost 15 pounds and my numbers are gradually improving.

She has a clear method of explaining why we do what we do and the benefits by making the change. Great doctor and I will become a long term patient God willing!

George E.


Wonderful!! and so fortuitous to find him after listening to a Clint Paddison podcast with Dr Yu as the guest. He’s not only a bit of rock star but the perfect rheumatologist and what I had been hoping to find, someone with the training and background in science, microbiome and lifestyle. He’s super caring and empathetic and will partner with you to wellness. My former rheumatologist was not a good listener and used scare tactics to keep me on methotrexate. Dr. Yu has been just the opposite and has helped me off the drug along with other things that have come up in my bloodwork. I’m thankful to have found him and for his guidance every visit. Thank you Dr. Yu.

J C.


Dr Mondala and her staff are amazing they always go above and beyond to help my family and myself wherever and whenever they can. They are so patient and wonderful. I selfishly don’t want to let this secret out about how amazing they are- as I know it’ll be harder to get appointments the more the word gets out how amazing they are. However they deserve more than 5 stars!

Robin S.


I’ve struggled with psoriatic arthritis for 20 years. I have been on every medication, including methotrexate and biologics. Although some of these medicines worked for a while or had no effect on me, I realized that I pretty much gave up on myself. After spending a month in the hospital and nearly losing my kidney functions I decided to get a second opinion. I found Dr. Yu and he put me on a path to health that I forgot existed! He opened my eyes to a quality of life that for 20 years I had been seeking! I give him all the credit for my reinvigorated life and he, being the humble man he is tells me, ” you did all the work!” I have my life back and feel only joy, a joy that has replaced my pain! Thank you Dr. 1000 times thank you!

Alejandro I.


Dr. Mondala has been the absolute best primary care physician I have been to. She not only goes above and beyond for caring for me, but also does so for anyone I know that sees her. Whether it’s through traditional means or her lifestyle care she helped me tremendously feel a lot better about my health and has always answered any questions or concerns I have had about my health no matter the time or day. Thank you Dr. Mondala.

Jose C.


I’ve been searching for a doctor to be able to treat my gout for the longest time. I’ve been to so many doctors in fact, that none of them can really provide the help that I was seeking. Most of them would just prescribe ample amount of meds to take, without even understanding the root cause of the problem I was having.

That all changed when I discovered Dr. Yu. I somehow stumbled across him through a google search and was amazed to read all the amazing reviews about him. Everyone seemed super satisfied and happy with their results, as well as mentioning about how Dr. Yu really listens to your problems and really tries to you help out. These are the qualities that I look for in a doctor, and Dr. Yu definitely shows this. I love how at my first visit, he was very thorough with his questions about my health condition. He is very careful and wants to know about you and your health condition as much as possible, and will do everything he can to find a way out of it. He is very attentive and provides good resources on how to deal with your health issues. He makes sure you are well educated with your condition and ways to treat it. I love how the online portal is so organized – You can private message him about any questions you may have, you can see your medications that are currently prescribed, your next appointment date, etc. But the one thing that got my attention the most is that he provides a long summary of what was discussed during the visit, so you don’t have to write down anything and put 100% of your attention to what he is saying!

It doesn’t get any better than this so please give Dr. Yu a visit as soon as possible. You definitely will not regret it!

Tony P.


Dr. Mondala is a great MD. I have been seeing her for over a month. In the short time I’ve been under her care, I’ve begun to feel better. She is very thorough, personal, and caring. She has great bedside manners, and really puts an effort to interact with her patients, along with applying active listening skills. Not only is she great, but what drew my attention to her approach/practice is her accessibility. She is easy to get a hold of and really shows she cares about her patients. In addition, I’ve referred Dr. Mondala to my family members. Overall, I highly recommend her.

Thank you, Dr. Mondala!

Moses H.


I am very pleased with the care that I am receiving with Dr Yu. He is kind and attentive and very knowledgable. He brings together traditional treatment along with alternative options and I feel very blessed to be under his care!

Kathy C.


Dr. Yu was a life saver for me! He got to the bottom of my diagnosis very quickly after years of doctor appointments with no luck. He was able to clear the specialty medication that I needed with my insurance company much faster than expected with no issues. I appreciate his integrative approach taking lifestyle and diet into account and making those a priority as well, and follow up appointments are always enjoyable. With his help I went from excruciating pain every day to living a very normal life with minimal pain and I cannot recommend him enough.

Grant R.


Dr Mondala in a word is the best! You will not find a more knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated physician. If she cannot answer your question or concern she will research and present you with a solution in short order. Highly recommend Dr Mondala

Dennis S.


Dr Yu is extremely caring, kind and responsive. He has gone out of his way to help solve my medical issues. I highly recommend him as a medical doctor. This is how the “medical” profession should be handled.

Rebecca S.


This review has been long overdue cuz i’m a busy grandma.
Dr. Melissa has been a blessing to me eversince i signed up to be under her care.
Dr. Melissa captured my attention the most not only because her last name sounded filipino and she is, but because her credentials are what i’m looking for as my doctor. I was so impressed with her professionalism, her good communication skills explaining fully and clearly what’s happening, she’s unbiased, very personable and spend quality time getting to know me as her patient and most of all i like that she promotes healthy diet specifically plant based diet, exercise, maintaining your weight and early prevention of diseases. She listens to my requests and gives good advises and recommendations. She is really a total package that i wish i could keep her forever despite our distance. I can say my total wellbeing and health has been great despite this pandemic. With lots of prayers and healthy lifestyle i thank God everyday i haven’t encounter this virus yet because i know i’m well taken cared of. (knock on wood)
Thank you Dr. Melissa for coming into my life.

Mariz A.


I can’t thank Dr. Yu enough for his comprehensive care. When I was told by the first rheumatologist, my symptoms were due to being a mom, I sought out a second opinion. I found Dr. Yu and confirmed through colleagues he was the real deal. I was able to be seen promptly. I then became pregnant and we had to put treatments and workup on hold. After pregnancy when my symptoms worsened, it was going to take me 6+ months to get into a rheumatologist. Even with PPO. I turned back to Dr. Yu who saw me immediately, got the workup and diagnosis made. He worked within the parameters I had knowing how expensive treatment for my rare condition was going to be, supported me, and provided referrals. I will continue to utilize his expertise and recommend him to friends and my own patients. Thank you Dr. Yu for listening and your patient advocacy!

Jen S.


Dr. Mondala is kind, warm, and extremely knowledgeable. She has helped my entire family and we are so glad to have found her!

Nina M.


Dr. Micah Yu is an excellent doctor. He has helped me gain much more mobility and much less pain ! I recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist in Rhuematology

Mary R.


Love her caring, accepting whole body approach to healing, rather than covering over the top of an issue with medications she looks for the source of the problems. She really is fabulous!

Sue B.


She is a blessing. Cant even explain it in words. She is everything in 1 and affordable. I get everything I need and 1 hour a week with her directly. It is incredible!

Grant R.


Dr. Micah Yu is an excellent rheumatologist. I spent years living with RA and having rheumatologists who seemed like they weren’t up to date with the current research. Dr. Yu was recommended to me by a friend and he is the best Dr. I have had. He is update in this field and strives learn more so he can go above and beyond for his patients.

Janessa G.